Before I joined the Tree of Life Wellness Center Program I could hardly walk due to heavy weight. I have a skin problem, high blood sugar and high blood pressure. After completion of the program in 10 days at Tree of Life I lost 20lbs. My skin problem has improved. I could move around with less pain on my knees. My blood pressure and blood sugar are normal. Thank you Tree of Life that you have helped me gained my confidence. I am healthier now and could function better. If you are ready to start the New Year with a new YOU, Tree of Life Wellness Center has the solution for you. Set your appointment now!



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God has given you the power to be free from the harmful side effects of your illness.

Claim that power today and learn how to use that power!

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Health and Weight Management

A working digestive system is the key to weight loss and disease-free life. Explore the health and weight management with us. We guarantee results!

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In-House Management

We also offer in-house health and weight management program wherein clients can lodge with us.

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Online Detox Program

We will teach you how to live that healthy lifestyle whereever you are in the world! Read More