Our Vision

To empower our clients and their loved ones on natural healing process and lifestyle modification.

Our Mission

To promote good health through the use of body’s natural healing process. We believe that the human body has its own capacity of self-healing with the help of complete detoxification and lifestyle modification.

Message from the Founder

It is God’s will for HIS children to be healthy both physically and spiritually. Despite the influence of western medicine, we can not disregard the fact that the body has the natural capacity to heal itself, for we are God’s workmanship.

Last April 2005, I survived 10 bullets from the hand of hold-uppers. Later, I realized that God has a purpose why I was given a second chance to live. God allowed me to discover the natural healing process which I want to share with others. My mother was a diabetic for 50 long years. She had experienced heart failure, kidney failure, gout, arteriosclerosis, and retinopathy. But Praise God with this discovery! She did not have to go through dialysis and surgery. Now she is a testimony of God’s miraculous healing power. I myself is diabetic. I have been taking medications for high cholesterol and high blood sugar but those two keep on shooting up. When I had undergone my own juicing therapy and hydrocolonics, all of these are managed. Now, I no longer take medicines!

Thus, Tree of Life Wellness Center was birhted to educate people and share the good news. We can be healed by complete detoxification program and right diet. Evidences from our patients proved that this program is very effective. The results are amazing. 99% of our clients lost 10 lbs in 10 days. Their blood sugar and blood pressure were controlled. They tapered their maintenance drugs until they are discontinued. As we all know, drugs have side effects to our vital organs like kidney, liver, and pancreas. We therefore embrace the process of natural healing.

May our lives become a testimony to promote good health to God’s people.

Myrna Arcega