We at Tree of Life Wellness Center believe that our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made. God designed the human body intricately and equipped it with the ability to heal itself.

It is so unfortunate that unhealthy lifestyles have become so ingrained in society these days. As a result, our bodies are suffering. Chronic diseases and drug-dependence are becoming normal ways of life.

We believe that God wants each and every person to be in their best of health and we would like to spread awareness that each person can be healed the natural way.

Our Vision

To be a wellness center that educates people on how to prevent chronic diseases the natural way, empowering them to live healthier lives.

Our Mission

To promote good health through the use of body’s natural healing process. We believe that the human body has its own capacity of self-healing with the help of complete detoxification and lifestyle modification.

Our health program will set you on a journey to embrace natural healing. Experience healing from within today!

Our Location

🏡103 Washington Street
Merville Subdivision
Paranaque City